Jessica Smith

  • Jessica Smith
  • BArch, MArch
  • Landscape Architecture Graduate

Jessica is a graduate Landscape Architect interested in thinking about the city as a national park, and how a city could achieve such a grand goal.

She imagines the future of Wellington to involve more green corridors, bird-friendly infrastructure and streets, and an ever-changing pulse of wildlife-meets-urban living. With each project put in front of her, Jessica explores how we can better accommodate existing and missing wildlife and how this can strengthen the social fabric of the place.

While completing her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, Jessica researched how to engage with the existing ‘poiesis’ of the Kāpiti region north of Wellington, to reveal the large-scale ecological systems operating in this coastal landscape, making them legible at the human scale. This meant viewing the landscape as a living set of systems or networks, be they infrastructural, human, natural or intangible.  Understanding the rhythms and the quirks of how these systems collide is how she tapped into the issues and opportunities the Kāpiti Coast – and specifically the sand dunes - are facing. Her research also developed into an exploration of how sites should produce their own boundaries, and how simplistic structures can bring together the large-scale systems down to an engaging human scale.

Jessica is excited to contribute to the landscape team at Studio Pacific and continue to learn how the built environment can create robust and sustainable communities. She looks forward to working on projects which melt boundaries between building and landscape when creating spaces which the public rely on.

Qualifications and affiliations

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Victoria University, 2016
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Victoria University, 2014


  • Landscape
  • Urban Design