Jienwern Cook

  • Jienwern Cook
  • Architectural Graduate
  • 04 802 5444

Jienwern is an Architectural Graduate with an interest in the complexities and peculiarities that exist in the relationships between things, as well as the subtle intricacies of an individual’s perception of ‘place’. During her time at Victoria University of Wellington, Jienwern focused on approaching design through research and drawing techniques.

Prior to beginning her degree in Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, Jienwern studied Law and Psychology for two years. While completing her degree in Architecture, Jienwern was able to utilise her prior knowledge as part of a Summer Research Scholarship. The research explored the relationship between the architecture and design of our courts, and users’ perceptions of the court system, using VR (Virtual Reality) tools to facilitate this process.

Jienwern is looking forward to being part of the architectural team at Studio Pacific, taking part in a collaborative environment and furthering her understanding of architecture as a key feature of our lived experience.

Qualifications and affiliations

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Te Herenga Waka / Victoria University of Wellington, 2021


  • Architecture