Kate Glasson

  • Kate Glasson
  • MArch (Prof), BAS
  • Architectural Graduate

Kate is an Architectural Graduate with an interest in equitable and ecological approaches to contemporary architecture, with a focus on residential typologies. Motivated by an interest in notions of subjectivity, beauty, and aesthetics, Kate has a particular regard for the effects of architecture on the private and public psyche.

While completing her masters degree in Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, Kate researched and explored memory as a meaning-making process, towards an architectural-meta-ethics critique of subjectivity in design approaches. During her studies Kate undertook two internships with New Zealand firms, developed a research report for the Wellington City Council, and attended the Technical University of Munich during an exchange semester in Germany. Since graduating from Victoria University of Wellington in April, Kate has focused on marrying the practical with the beautiful, pursuing a passion for designing approachable, sustainable, and beneficial architecture.

Kate is thrilled to be joining the architectural team at Studio Pacific and is looking forward to contributing to – and learning more about – the development of ecologically, economically, and socially conscious architecture.

Qualifications and affiliations

  • Master of Architecture (Professional), Victoria University of Wellington, 2021
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, 2018


  • Architecture