Liam Playle

BArch, MArch (Prof)


Architectural Graduate

Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Liam is an Architectural Graduate with a pragmatic approach to design, meaning he learns from hands-on experience using a design methodology of design, build and test to assess the true potential of a designed concept. He has a strong interest in prefabricated architecture and CNC fabrication as well as physically building and making to further understand how buildings work and are constructed.

Liam’s thesis investigated the issue of housing suitability in New Zealand. It looked to create a flexible construction system that would allow houses to be constructed so that occupants could easily expand or adapt their homes as the situation required it. To assist with this research, Liam was awarded the ‘Future Design Thinking Scholarship’ from BRANZ, which assisted in the creation of a 1:1 prototype of the system known as M8RX. In completing this research, Liam acquired skills in digital fabrication resulting in him operating CAD/CAM software and machines.

Liam is looking forward to contributing to a variety of architectural projects at Studio Pacific. He is excited to begin his career and develop his design skills further in many different areas.

Qualifications and affiliations

  • Master of Architecture (Professional), Victoria University of Wellington, 2021
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, 2019


  • Architecture