Mark Fletcher

  • Mark Fletcher
  • Senior Associate – Landscape Architecture

Mark joined Studio Pacific in 2016 with over 17 years experience as a Landscape Architect working on projects in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Singapore.

He previously worked at Grant Associates in the UK where over a period of ten years he worked on a number of high-profile and award-winning projects. He has a great variety of project experience ranging from schools to universities, urban waterfront regeneration, public realm, sports facilities, housing developments, multi-use developments (including high-spec podium landscapes) and public parks. 

Mark enjoys the challenges that come with seeing a project through from inception to completion and has a very good depth of experience in delivering projects on site, ensuring that they stay true to their original vision.

Mark is passionate about landscape architecture and he is particularly interested in sustainable design and incorporating historical and cultural narratives into contemporary public open spaces.


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