Nina Boyd

  • Nina Boyd
  • MArch (Prof)
  • Senior Architectural Graduate

Nina is an Architectural Graduate who joined Studio Pacific in early 2021. Since completing her Masters in 2017, Nina’s short but diverse career has allowed her to explore a range of interests from prefabricated residential architecture to urban design.

Nina’s time at Victoria University’s School of Architecture ingrained in her a passion for learning, experimentation and innovation. As a result, Nina’s architectural interests have been informed by unique opportunities and areas of experience with an overarching focus on how architecture can serve to help communities to thrive. This applies at a larger scale of designing strategies for the planning of cities, down to how new methodologies in design and construction can create high quality and more sustainable environments.

At Studio Pacific Nina looks forward to contributing to a variety of architectural projects, and is excited to further her skills in practicing architecture with a focus on sustainability, quality and efficiency at the forefront. 

Qualifications and affiliations

  • Master of Architecture (Professional), Victoria University of Wellington


  • Architecture
  • Urban Design