Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Wellington City Council



Wellington’s new Convention and Exhibition Centre has a unique sculptural form that draws inspiration from a wide range of sources including its maritime location, Wellington's dramatic, and sometimes wild, weather patterns, and landforms.

It also draws from Maori mythology, specifically 'Te Ūpoko-o-Te-Ika-o-Māui' Maui's head of the fish. The legend refers to the forming of Te Whanganui a Tara - Wellington's unique harbour and waterfront geology and topography. The resulting design is organic and dynamic. It is primarily clad in a shimmering glass skin around a soft flowing form. The singular material of the glass cladding will respond to differing light conditions throughout the day - giving variance to the building.  At times a singular overall form will be prominent as the glazing will appear more or less monolithic, while at other times the translucency will reveal a subtle inner shape and internal activity.