Appartamento Il Casino

Appartamento Il Casino has been launched by Globe Holdings, a development of new apartments incorporated into a landmark heritage building on a vibrant, urban street corner.

The 31 new apartments have been designed by Studio Pacific Architecture to compliment the character and integrity of this unique building and create something a little different from most contemporary inner city apartment blocks, something with soul. 

The new structure will honour the character and integrity of the historic Il Casino building and is articulated into three vertical zones, with the old Il Casino building forming the base of two of the buildings. Each of the three zones is subtly different; distinct in its own right, yet similar enough overall to read as one cohesive structure. Each incorporates similar materials, scale and detailing such as the delicately coloured glass, opaque on the southernmost building, while to the north it is translucent. 

The design reveals the inherent structure of the building and the integrity of the original materials. Materials are left in their natural state, not covered up. The natural colours and textures of the building materials are respected. The interior contains exposed concrete finishes, a mixture of old and new, surfaces left comparatively raw, solid concrete walls and floor, timber posts, a rich combination of finely machined details and those that are more robust. 

The project is currently being marketed and construction is due to commence later this year. Studio Pacific Architecture is currently undertaking construction documentation for the project.