Meridian on top

Studio Pacific, in association with Peddle Thorp Architects, was recently awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architect’s New Zealand Architecture Award for the Meridian Building in Wellington. In addition to this award, the Studio was also proud to be named a finalist for the New Zealand Architecture Medal for the same building.

The New Zealand Architecture Awards celebrate the best architecture produced in New Zealand, and encompass the highest tiers of the annual New Zealand Architecture Awards programme, with the New Zealand Architecture Medal being the highest level of achievement.

Judges comments: 'The Wellington waterfront is a perfect location for this flagship for environmental sustainable office design. Sophisticated reactive facades and chilled beam systems work together to reduce the need for the large, energy hungry, mechanical systems associated with our cities. Materials have been selected on the basis of sustainability and their ability to contribute to a healthy working environment. A comprehensive staff education programme ensures that monitoring of energy consumption; indoor air quality and water conservation is understood and embraced by all the occupants. 

The 5-star rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council confirms this building as an exemplar of sustainable architecture.”

Meridian Building, Wellington

Meridian Building, Wellington