‘Blue Sky the Outer T' Competition

A submission from Studio Pacific is one of six concepts selected by Wellington Waterfront as one of the winning submissions for the Outer T at Queens Wharf.

Wellington Waterfront was looking for ideas on how best to develop this iconic part of Wellington's harbour edge. The Studio Pacific submission features a community focused framework, with an iconic beacon. The scheme would feature a robust framework of structures and open space to allow a mix of community activities to occur. A tall lighthouse beacon would be built to draw people towards the waterfront.

Ian Pike, head of the WWL, noted that Wellington Waterfront 'will be working with the six winning entrants, and all six will be contributing to a masterplan to be drawn up to cover the waterfront/Outer T area ... the public will be consulted as ideas start to firm up.'

Studio Pacific also worked on the submission for Helipro, another finalist for the Outer T competition.