Concrete Award

Studio Pacific Architecture's Meridian Building entry into the 2009 Concrete3 Sustainability Award has been awarded a commendation for excellence in commercial concrete construction at the recent NZ Concrete Industry Conference.

The building uses recycled blast furnace fly ash, an industrial waste product, in the concrete mix to reduce the amount of cement used and thus help to reduce CO2 emissions. 

The mass of the concrete is also utilised in the passive design of the Meridian Building. Concrete floor slabs are left partially exposed in the interior of the building allowing the heat generated through the day to be absorbed by the concrete. In the evening the building is flushed with cool air through openable windows cooling the concrete ready for the next days use. 

The Concrete3 Sustainability Award is further recognition of the building's thorough performance in sustainable design.

Meridian Building, Wellington

Meridian Building, Wellington