New Customhouse awarded NZGBC 5 Green Star Rating

We are very pleased to announce that our design for the new Customhouse has recently been awarded a New Zealand Green Building Council 5 Green Star NZ - Office Design V1 Certified Rating. The project was awarded 68 points - significantly exceeding the 60 points required to achieve the New Zealand Excellence 5 star rating.

In addition to the building being a redevelopment of a brownfield site in close proximity to transport networks, there are many design factors in the building that make up its 5 star rating including the following:

  • The planning of the building maximises natural light to more than 90% of all lettable space.
  • The façade is double glazed and the selected shading coefficients of the glass varies between floors to ensure a balance of reducing head gain versus maximising natural light
  • The west façade incorporates sunshades to reduce heat gains from afternoon sun
  • The modulation of the precast façade panels shades the north façade glazing
  • There are extensive areas of internal exposed thermal mass (most commonly the concrete double T floor beams) to dampen internal temperature fluctuations
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emitting paints and carpet from Environmental Choice ranges have been specified
  • All composite wood products are low-emission formaldehyde
  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) insulation is specified
  • Rainwater is collected and stored for toilet flushing
  • Solar hot water heating units are provided to pre-heat water
  • Heating and cooling is by means of ceiling mounted chilled beams
  • Car parking is minimised and includes 25% car parks for small cars only
  • Bike parks and showers are provided
  • An area for the sorting and storage of recycling is provided
  • Energy efficient lighting is used throughout 

Studio Pacific assisted Beca who led the submission process. The first round application achieved the highest number of points awarded in New Zealand to date.

The Customhouse, Wellington

The Customhouse, Wellington