20 Customhouse Quay Awarded 5-Star Design Green Star Rating

20 Customhouse Quay has just been awarded its 5-Star Design Green Star Rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Of particular note is the five innovation points received for its use of a dia-grid structural system, one of the highest innovation ratings for a single project.

The super efficient dia-grid structure, combined with base isolation, received points for improved seismic resilience.

It also received significant points for the dematerialisation of the building structure. Essentially building out of triangles rather than squares saves 25% on steel. Modeling done to determine the embodied energy of the steel saved works out to around 9 years of base building energy and over 600 tonnes of CO2 

The architecture of the building accentuates the geometry and strength of the dia-grid structure demonstrating leadership in design and design integration between the developer, architect, structural engineer, and ESD consultants.