Summer research launch evening

In collaboration with our research partners at Victoria University of Wellington, Studio Pacific Architecture recently celebrated our 2018-19 annual summer research launch evening.

As the industry partner we are very pleased to be able to provide funding for eight summer research scholarships. Each project focuses on an integral aspect of design or a design problem that we face in the industry today. We are specifically looking for new knowledge in medium density housing and housing density, residential building performance management practices, elderly housing design standards, remote residential design systems right through to community gardening management and design. 

At Studio Pacific we view research as something that spans both theory and practice, from academic study to the development of innovative designs, methods and uses of materials on actual architectural projects. We see our research efforts as an opportunity for us to give back to and help inform a new generation of architects, our clients and the profession. To that end, our philosophy behind every research project is to make our findings available as open source material. We will therefore be communicating the results in the new year once the summer research projects are complete.