20 Customhouse Quay Claims 2019 National Architecture Award

Studio Pacific is excited to announce that 20 Customhouse Quay has won a National Architecture Award in the Commercial Architecture Category.

The judge's citation reads: “On a prominent waterfront site, this building makes a bold statement, as the client intended. The shiny faceted façade on the building’s seaward side suggests the diagrid structure which, together with base isolation technology, provides 20 Customhouse Quay’s seismic resilience. The well-constructed building succeeds as an object in the urban topography of downtown Wellington; it is an assured piece of shape-making, presenting a mirror to the changing moods of the city’s weather and enlivening the harbourscape with the reflected play of natural light.” 

Congratulations to the 20 Customhouse Quay team, and to all other winners on the night!