Nelson Airport and The Quays Win at the Nelson & Marlborough Architecture Awards

Studio Pacific is thrilled to announce that the Nelson Airport Terminal and The Quays have both won a Nelson & Marlborough Architecture Award.

Nelson Airport Terminal has won a Nelson & Marlborough Architecture Award in the Commercial category.

The judge's citation reads: "The roof forms of Nelson Airport, shaped to reflect the adjacent mountain ranges, signal this important gateway to the Nelson region. Articulated timber structures and surfaces provide warmth and familiarity to a highly resolved single volume. Open to the east and west, the terminal both contains and reveals the complexity of airport operations. The building successfully integrates innovative timber structural and seismic design, prefabrication technology, climate resilience and environmental systems. The resulting architecture serves as an important showcase for the potential of these design elements in the public and commercial realms."

Find out more about the Nelson Airport Terminal here 


The Quays won a Nelson & Marlborough Architecture Award in the Public Architecture Category.

The judge's citation reads: "The Quays is a new public space that supports a series of formal and informal functions and provides navigable access at the change in elevation from Blenheim’s town centre to the Taylor River. Alluding to the site’s former function as a pier, the design integrates robust public furniture and carefully selected and thoughtfully combined surfaces. This landscape-led development acts as a first stage in the formation of a new heart for central Blenheim, providing a focus for the proposed new library and gallery, and re-establishing the river edge’s historical use as a cultural, social, and economic hub."

Congratulations to the Nelson Airport and The Quays team, and to all other winners on the night!

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