Studio Pacific designs Australasia’s first 15-minute, solar powered, car-less community for Auckland

Sunfield offers a radical new approach to living. A neighbourhood with far fewer roads and entirely solar powered, resulting in more affordable homes.

The innovative Winton development, master-planned by Studio Pacific, presents a bold new vision for compact living in a car-less environment that prioritises people and community. Sunfield has been designed using '15-minute neighbourhood' urban design principles with the majority of residents’ day to day needs provided within a short 15 minute walk or bike ride from home.

Developed as a whole community for 15,000 people Sunfield includes 5,000 homes, a 4 hectare town centre, four retail hubs, healthcare, two schools, aged-care facilities, community transport, swimming facilities, and an employment precinct providing up to 11,000 job opportunities. Alongside 22.8 hectares of parks and wetlands, residents will also have access to community gardens, supporting self-sufficiency and community interaction.

Sunfield has a vision to be New Zealand’s lowest carbon community, positively contributing to the transition to a low carbon and sustainable built environment. Removing cars enables a highly permeable neighbourhood, where compact housing and neighbourhood spaces are connected through safe, walkable lanes. Ensuring cycling and walking are practical journey methods has been front of mind during concept development. Amenities, education and recreation are distributed throughout the development to ensure they are easily accessible for residents. 

Solar panels will be installed on every possible roof top throughout Sunfield to generate clean solar power for residents to use. Excess power can be stored onsite in big electricity storage units that will connect to each other as part of the Sunfield grid. Solar power use is calculated to avoid at least 3,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually, equivalent to planting nearly 140,000 trees.

Set between city side and countryside, Sunfield is well positioned for the best of both worlds. Just 2km from Papakura Train Station, 12km from Manukau City Centre and 20km's from Auckland Airport. The community enables a more sustainable lifestyle for residents, reducing time on motorways and increasing time available to spend with friends and family or doing the things they love. 

Winton is seeking development consent through the Urban Development Act (UDA), the fast-track central government legislation designed to speed up major housing developments. On 5th October 2021, Winton became the first UDA applicant for this world leading project in Papakura, Auckland.

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Renders by One to One Hundred.

Renders by One to One Hundred.