Studio Pacific commissions 'Warm Wind' by Hannah Walsh

For Studio Pacific, the act of sending Christmas cards is a valued tradition of spreading joy and connecting with clients, consultants, friends and family. Every year, an artist is commissioned to produce a piece of art which is featured on the front of the card.

Since starting the tradition in 1996, the Studio’s collection of art has built a timeline of the friendships and connections made across Aotearoa New Zealand. Each piece represents collaboration, celebrates diversity and intertwines creativity into the studio.

This year, Studio Pacific is delighted to have commissioned Warm Wind by Hannah Walsh. Given the number of talented and creative people at Studio Pacific, we felt it was only fitting to look within for this year’s joyful piece.

Hannah is an Architectural Graduate in our Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington studio, and while she has a background in architecture, she also has a passion for painting and mixed media artwork.  

Hannah's paintings capture the energy of certain spaces or environments. They contemplate the small, silent and invisible matter, always moving, transforming and ever-present.

Hannah says "Warm Wind renders the energy of Raumati (summer) – the season of warmth, celebration and joy. This energy is in and around us all throughout summer. It is the light reflecting off sun-blocked bodies, it is the sound of waves crashing and the whisper of warm winds as they carry pōhutukawa seed. The work distils this energy through layers of colour and a series of repetitive marks - fluttering, hovering, electric, in orbit.

The scale of Warm Wind is both indecipherable and critical. It can be viewed as a landscape of sorts, or the microscopic activity in a single grain of sand. It ultimately takes form of all scales simultaneously, as an expression of the interconnectedness of place and space through warmth and energy." 

Warm Wind is on display in our Wellington studio alongside previous commissioned artworks as part of a rotating exhibition. 

Hannah Walsh standing in front of her artwork 'Warm Wind' commissioned by Studio Pacific.

Hannah Walsh standing in front of her artwork 'Warm Wind' commissioned by Studio Pacific.