Victoria Street Upgrade

  • urban design
  • landscape architecture

Memorial Park Alliance/Wellington City Council

Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington


Working for the Memorial Park Alliance (an alliance of civil engineers and constructors) and alongside the Wellington City Council, the Victoria Street upgrade involves refreshing three blocks of Victoria Street in central Wellington.

The urban design response implements the vision for the street contained in the Wellington 2040 plan, which sees Victoria Street transformed into a tree lined boulevard, integrating car parking and vehicle access with upgrades to cycle and public transport amenity.

The project has been developed alongside considerable stakeholder consultation, which has allowed the design to evolve in a way that provides benefit to a wide and diverse range of people involved with the project. Coordination of the design with service providers has lead to a response that complements the technical requirements of underground and above ground services with functional and aesthetically coherent urban design.

An urban plaza and small pocket park around a significant existing tree provide opportunities for seating and temporary occupation.