Aspin Road House

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Kemureti Cambridge


NZIA Waikato & Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards, Winner (Housing), 2020

Aspin Road House is located on a large rural site near Cambridge. The home caters to a large family and fulfils the client’s aspiration for a dynamic home with strong visual connections to its surroundings. The home encourages entertaining and outdoor living through an outside-in arrangement while exhibiting strong environmental values.

The first stage of the design process focused on developing a landscape plan in which the house would be placed on the 2.1 hectare site. This allowed for the early establishment of trees and shrubs, which occurred six months before design began on the residence and transformed the bare paddock into a residential lot.

The subtly modernist courtyard is the main feature of the house, with three living areas arranged around it. Two sleeping wings are situated on either side of the courtyard, with the central living and family space bridging them. Cohesion is maintained throughout the three living spaces by an amplified pop-up roof form that gives hierarchy to the central living space. The central hub is further enhanced by a heroic full-height concrete fireplace and high-vaulted timber ceiling.

NZIA Waikato & Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards, Winner (Housing), 2020