Arnie Makan

NZCD (Arch)


Senior Associate – Technical

Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Arnie is an Architectural Technician with 40 years’ experience in the building industry. He has worked at a number of premier architectural practices in Wellington, including Studio Pacific in 1993. He has recently returned and brings with him comprehensive technical knowledge of building systems and construction.

Arnie realises design ideas into technical resolution through detailed design documentation. He carefully considers all aspects of the building process, ensuring high levels of design quality and technical accuracy is consistently achieved. He has led varying sizes of design documentation teams, sharing his wealth of knowledge with his peers.

He has extensive experience in public, commercial, apartment, townhouse and residential projects that range in scale and type. Over the past 10 years he has worked on a number of award-winning fast-tracked and staged projects.

Within the practice, Arnie leads and contributes to project teams, providing team members with guidance across all technical and documentation matters.


Qualifications and affiliations

  • NZCD (Arch), Wellington Polytechnic, 1981


  • Architecture