Susanna Stevenson

BArch (Hons)

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Senior Associate

Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Susanna is a Registered Architect in New Zealand with diverse work experience across urban design and architecture.

She has extensive experience in design, compliance, and consultant coordination. Complementing her technical knowledge, Susanna is especially interested in the development of architecture and urban planning within New Zealand. She believes that simple, well-considered design solutions can enhance people’s enjoyment and experience of their environment.

At Studio Pacific, Susanna has been involved in the delivery of a variety of civic, commercial, accommodation, and housing projects, including complex Resource Consent planning applications. She also plays an active role in quality management and sustainability processes, working to improve the efficiency, quality, and consistency of our teams and projects. Susanna prioritises the importance of sustainable, resilient, future-focused design.