Nick du Bern

MArch (Prof), BEnvs



Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Nick joined Studio Pacific in July 2018 after returning home to Wellington after studying and gaining experience in commercial and residential projects in Melbourne.

Nick has an strong interest in the cultural, social and environmental aspects of architecture. This is reflected in his thesis which explored the issues that arise from the destruction and reorganisation of the urban syntax in zones of conflict. With a focus on refugees and their human right to shelter and privacy, Nick investigated possible material cycles of waste concrete and how it could be used to reinstate safe private spaces in resource starved sites under military occupation.

Since graduating from his undergraduate studies, Nick has worked at a small creative architecture firm in Melbourne and has gained valuable experience in retail, hospitality, exhibition and residential architecture. Nick enjoys working in a variety of scales in architecture and is looking forward to broadening his experience by stepping into larger commercial projects.